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About IPMT

Interdisciplinary Program of Management and Technology (IPMT) was established in 2006 under the College of Management and Technology (CTM) and with vision to cultivate future leaders with multiple skills. Recent researches have shown an increase in the demand for multifaceted talents with a broad mastery of general management skills with a few spikes of deep functional or domain expertise (pi shaped skills). In response to this demand, IPMT offers a Bachelor Degree in Management with double specialties, in which the two specialties chosen by the student will be noted on the diploma upon successful completion of the required courses and credits.






A student enrolled in this program must choose his first specialty from the following four specialties offered by CTM: Economics, Quantitative Finance, Law, or Management. For the second specialty, he or she can choose another specialty from CTM to broaden his or her management related knowledge or choose any other specialty such as Data Science, Biomedical Engineering, or Computer Science offered by other colleges in NTHU to build domain knowledge for the field other than management. Our curriculum provides great opportunities and solid trainings for a student who wishes to acquire multifaceted skills and be ready to face challenges in the future.